Hello.  My name is Jordan Hay.  I’ve just joined the Downtown Anacortes Alliance as the Executive Director.  

My family and I love Anacortes.  My parents moved here 20 years ago, and my kids have grown up swimming in Cranberry Lake, shopping for holiday presents downtown, and waving flags in the 4th of July parade.  We just moved here full time, and my kids are starting 9th and 7th grade.

Before this move, I spent 24 years in Seattle working in technology leadership roles at Amazon, IMDb and Alexa. My past volunteer work has focused on mentoring women, youth and people of color aspiring to leadership roles.   I enjoy travel, reading, and hiking.   I attended Swarthmore College, where the Quaker tradition emphasized community, collaboration and stewardship, and grew up surrounded by midwestern kindness in the suburbs of Detroit, Michigan.

I enjoy the passionate and kind people who make up Anacortes and I’m excited to work on behalf of this community that has already given so much to my family.   I’m joining the Downtown Anacortes Alliance as we begin to recruit partners who are excited about our mission to continue to cultivate a vibrant and and thriving downtown for all.   If you are also excited about cultivating a thriving downtown, I would love to hear from you.

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