For $5 a month you can help us build a strong vibrant downtown. Make downtown a place where you love meeting up with friends and family, a downtown you proudly show off to your visitors.

  • Donate $5 per month and receive a “We’ll Float Your Boat” sticker
  • Donate $10 per month and receive a “We’ll Float Your Boat” tote bag

(If you’d prefer not to use PayPal, send a check to the address at the bottom of this page.)

How will you use my money?

Downtown Anacortes is the living room of our community.  Your donation will let us do the work to make it a warmer and more vibrant place for us to all come together.

In the next year, we will use your gift to:

  • Build a network of folks who care about Anacortes as much as you do.
  • Allow local businesses to send tax dollars to projects that improve our historic downtown. Learn more.
  • Complete small projects with a big impact like repainting our Welcome Arch and bringing more locals downtown for their holiday shopping.

And over the next several years, your donations will help us make long term goals from Anacortes’s Comprehensive Plan a reality:

  • Make our sidewalks a more friendly place to gather with better benches, plantings, and signage.
  • Make it more inviting and fun to walk between downtown and the waterfront marina.
  • Create downtown plaza space for gatherings.

Read more about recent and upcoming projects.

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