Downtown Gateway Planning Workshop

The Downtown Anacortes Alliance hosted a Planning Workshop with local volunteers and statewide experts.  We are focused on 3 goals: Create a gateway for Anacortes that is inviting Make the transition from car-first to pedestrian-first space Celebrate Anacortes's marine character and deep commitment to the arts And we are planning 2 projects: Refurbish the welcome arch including paint … Continue reading Downtown Gateway Planning Workshop

Commercial Building Inventory

On October 22, 2022, we completed our first volunteer-led Building Inventory focused on the buildings on Commercial Ave in Downtown. A group of 12 volunteers reviewed each building on commercial (and some prominent buildings off of commercial) to assess the state of design, maintenance, accessibility, and pedestrian friendliness. We will use this inventory to: Identify … Continue reading Commercial Building Inventory

Downtown Anacortes Alliance welcomes new Executive Director

Hello.  My name is Jordan Hay.  I've just joined the Downtown Anacortes Alliance as the Executive Director.   My family and I love Anacortes.  My parents moved here 20 years ago, and my kids have grown up swimming in Cranberry Lake, shopping for holiday presents downtown, and waving flags in the 4th of July parade.  We … Continue reading Downtown Anacortes Alliance welcomes new Executive Director

Downtown Anacortes Alliance Awarded $3,000

The Downtown Anacortes Alliance (The Alliance) was recently awarded $3,000 to support a mixed media visual library project from the Washington Trust for Historic Preservation. The total estimated project cost is $4,000.00. Funding in support of this project will allow the Alliance to begin work building a photo and video library highlighting the historic Anacortes … Continue reading Downtown Anacortes Alliance Awarded $3,000

Downtown Anacortes Alliance Recognized As Main Street America Affiliate

The newly formed Downtown Anacortes Alliance, a designated 501(c)3, has recently received official recognition by the Washington State Main Street Program as a designated affiliate of the Main Street America program. Made up of small towns, mid-sized communities, and urban commercial districts, the thousands of organizations, individuals, volunteers, and local leaders that make up Main … Continue reading Downtown Anacortes Alliance Recognized As Main Street America Affiliate