A Community created by a common vision and shared work is where it all starts. The Alliance Board of Directors invites community members, stakeholder groups, individuals and corporate donors to join us in putting our community’s dreams into action.


The overall vision for our community was established through a lengthy and comprehensive public planning process. Now we need to move past planning, define the details of our downtown vision, and figure out how to achieve it. Our main method is to identify, coordinate and support projects that enhance the livability and sustainability of our downtown.

Implementation Strategy for Historic Downtown: Our first big project is to define a detailed vision for downtown and a roadmap to achieve it. We need volunteers from the community to participate in work groups for each focus area (Outreach, Promotion, Design, and Economic Development). Each group will identify a proposed list of goals and projects for community review and adoption.

With the adoption of an overall strategy, the community will have a comprehensive list of ideas and projects for enhancing our downtown. Some projects will be quick and inexpensive, others will require sustained work and attention. The DAA will be available on an ongoing basis to coordinate work among the various projects, help find resources, facilitate project planning, monitor progress, and (in some cases) help projects find funding.

Here are just a few examples of possible projects for the focus areas:

Outreach: Identify “cross agency” challenges and opportunities for shared solutions or projects. Find public – private partnerships to do larger projects. Create a “talent bank” for future projects.   

Promotion: Evaluate directional signage that guides visitors to our downtown corridor businesses and community-friendly amenities. Refresh our “Welcome to Historic Downtown Anacortes” arch. Build a Visual Library highlighting the Historic Downtown Anacortes area (this project is already grant funded with expected completion June 2022).

Design: Figure out the right mix for parking, street use and traffic management. Work with prospective developers to include desirable features that fit into the community. Beautify downtown streetscapes with more plants, flowers and amenities like benches, tables, and bike racks. Bring more public art to downtown. Spruce up some of the plain building fronts with historic building details. Explore alleyway clean-ups and enhancements throughout downtown. Establish public open spaces.

Economic Development: Find ways to help our local businesses survive and thrive. Find resources for maintenance and renovations. Provide technical assistance in business planning and management. Work with property owners to encourage maintenance, improvement, or renovation of current buildings. Develop matching grants for storefront enhancements.

The list goes on and on. Do you have project ideas to share? We’re eager to hear them! Go to the contact page to send us an email or message. Please let us know if you are interested in working on or supporting a particular project or focus area.

Check back for updates on planning and downtown projects.

We invite you to visit our Contact page to connect and request more information.